Hello! I am Mai Nguyen.

Mai's Photo

I am a student at Haaga-Helia UAS. I am also a freelance graphic designer fulfilled with the urge to create meaningful designs. My dream career is UI/UX Design as I am equipped with academic knowledge of the field and project experiences. My vision is to create impressive and user-friendly designs.

M.A.G Zone

Motivational Adventurous Game Zone
A game boosting the motivation for studying in BIT students

Red Cross First-aid Application

For learning purpose and emergency cases

Puhdistamo Superfood Catalog

Puhdistamo Superfood Catalog is specially designed for Sonnsons Finland Group. The company strategies focus on exporting Puhdistamo and various products from Finland to Vietnam.

A Little Christmas Show

This project is dedicated for The Dansing Group, a group of friends with same interest and passion in dancing and singing.

Fidelis Logo Guidelines

Fidelis logo aims to deliver the passion and desire for their consulting services aiming at the customers - the heart of every corporation activities.

Graphic Design Portfolio

The portfolio includes multi-design projects from my experience, which helps me strengthen my design skills.

Illustration Projects

This is my personal project including all the illustrations I have created by myself.